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The Ruddington OSSD Project

The Ruddington OSSD project, popularly known as the Bombs to Butterflies project, researched, recorded and interpreted the history of the former Ruddington Ordnance Storage and Disposal Depot. The project was undertaken jointly by the Ruddington Local History & Amenity Society and the Friends of Rushcliffe Country Park, but involved many additional members of the community who interviewed those who had spent their working life at the depot, carried out documentary research and crafted the resulting material into the Bombs to Butterflies book.

Electronic Delivery

This website is a means of making available to a wider audience the material which could not be included in the Bombs to Butterflies book due to constraints of space and money. The site includes the text of the book in its entirety, together with transcripts of the interviews on which the research was based and many more photographs than it was possible to include in the book. Whilst the Bombs to Butterflies project came to a close in December 2004, the website will be maintained for at least 5 years and any additional material which becomes available during this period will be added to the site.


The project was funded mainly by a Local Heritage Initiative Award. This Initiative is a partnership between the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency.replica watches In addition, grants were received Rushcliffe Borough Council and Ruddington Parish Council and many local residents and voluntary groups supported the fund raising event which launched the project in November 2001. Our thanks is due to all of them, for without their valuable support the project could not have been undertaken.



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